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I'm a journalist.

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I'm a journalist....

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The Content Strategist

Kleenex's New Content Might Actually Make You Cry

Before you watch this video, make sure a box of tissues is close by....

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The Content Strategist

Infographic: Consumers Spend a Lot of Money on Love — The Content Strategist

Digital marketing is a lot like online dating: It's fueled by blind communication, and one wrong move can ruin a relationship....

Open uri20160610 24631 1wht2ch article
The Content Strategist

Why Improv Comedy Is the Next Big Marketing Trend

With some professional help, brands are finally learning to let go and improvise....

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The Content Strategist

The Dangerous Power of Emotional Advertising

When done right, emotional content boosts sales and brand lift. But when done wrong, it's like watching a car crash in slow motion....

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The Content Strategist

Why It's Time for Venmo to Buy Into Content Marketing

Venmo has been surprisingly quiet when it comes to content marketing. But with so much publishing potential, it's time for that to change....